The Raw Material of Polypropylene Plastic Woven Bag


23 5 月, 2024

Polypropylene referred to as PP, is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid material. A thermoplastic lightweight general-purpose plastic. Has a good high wear-resisting processing performance, woven bag is the main raw material polypropylene, do you feel confused about this? How does each polypropylene raw material turn into a bag? I’m going to answer that question. polypropylene plastic woven bag is polypropylene PP as the raw material, through the raw material of hot melt, extrusion, wire drawing, weaving, offset printing, printing, composite, cutting, and bag. Below I will simply introduce the three important steps of polypropylene plastic woven bag.

polypropylene plastic woven bag first process, drawing process

First of all, do a good job of a high-quality woven bag, need to use new 100% PP raw materials, generally do woven bag must be a factory, because the above steps have to go through complex procedures and large machines to complete. The flat wire produced is made of brand-new polypropylene pellets of food grade. To ensure the stability of each batch of raw materials in the production process, each batch of incoming materials is subjected to strict testing indicators, including purity, density, melting index, and other items.

polypropylene plastic woven bag

The first need to put polypropylene PP particles into the machine. The machine will melt all these particles, and after melting for cooling, the cooled PP raw materials can enter the next step, the extrusion and wire drawing stage, this step can see the beginning of the woven bag. The wire drawing process is the first process of packaging production, and also the core of the overall quality of woven packaging. In the production process of flat wire, each batch of flat wire needs to be sampled according to the partition, and several indicators such as single wire tension, elongation at break, retraction rate, and so on are tested and recorded.

polypropylene plastic woven bag second process, round weaving process

The flat wire is woven through the warp and weft interweaving. The polypropylene plastic woven bag of different specifications needs to be strictly measured and calculated before production. According to silk cloth, cloth width, bearing requirements, woven cloth square gram weight, and other specific data indicators to calculate the required weaving specifications and quantity.

polypropylene plastic woven bag the third process, the color printing process

Color printing usually uses the printing process of intaglio printing, and the ink is used to color it, and woven into a polypropylene plastic woven bag with sales properties. With the continuous progress of technology, the process technology of woven bags has been greatly improved. Suppliers can add more printing effects according to the needs of customers, such as pearlescent film, aluminized film, abrasive film, and so on.

Professional suppliers will establish huge product files to ensure the hue stability and traceability of each batch of products, and strictly retain samples for subsequent preparation and hue tracking of each batch of products.


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