What is door to door cargo shipping?


9 4 月, 2024

The transport chain of a door-to-door cargo shipping combines several transport routes and means of transport into a so-called “intermodal transportation ”. Therefore, in addition to the main way, there will also be a pre-carriage and an on-carriage which allows a door-to-door cargo shipping.

The individual steps of a door to door cargo shipping are as follows:

Pre-carriage: The goods are picked up from the supplier’s address, the production factory, and taken to a handling point by the domestic local shipping company and then deliver to forwarder’s shipping warehouse. This is usually done by car or truck.

Main run: The main run is the actual shipping. The shipping is done via the means of transport sea, railway, land or air plane. It depends which is the best option financially and in regards of timing according to cargo information. The door-to-door cargo shipping companies will choose the best way.

On-carriage: At the port or airport of departure or terminal, the cargo are handled again and deliver to the final address of the buyer. This smooth transport chain of a door-to-door delivery becomes an easier and relaxed transportation through a great organisation and optimised timing by the door-to-door shipping companies. That makes it more easier for you and it often also cheaper for shipping your cargo.

Advantages of door to door cargo shipping

Here are many advantages of door to door cargo shipping. Firstly , it is a flexible mode of transportation , receivers have the choice of several means of transportation. This also leads to a time flexibility. Also, it is cost economically , so it is another advantage — the cost savings,which  especially for long-distance transportation and large quantity of cargo becaue receivers do not need to find their local logistic company to pick up their goods and deliver to their final address. Since a door to door cargo shipping allows to combine different modes of transportation, you can always choose the cheapest mode of shipping but not with only one means of transportation during the whole way.

In a word, unlike other modes of transportation , door to door cargo shipping is the modes from the factorty to the final address of receivers, that means it will use several modes of transports and then deliver to the final door, it costs less than other modes of transportation such as lcl port to port, airport to airport and it is much more easier and convient for you to ship your cargo.

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