The Advantages About LCL Cargo


9 4 月, 2024

Many people have heard of LCL cargo, but many do not understand what LCL cargo means. This article will take you to understand LCL cargo.

LCL Cargo-The abbreviation for less (than) container load cargo.

Usually refers to small parcels of goods that are less than one full container. This type of goods is usually collected separately by the carrier and concentrated at the container freight station or inland freight station. Then, two or more parcels of goods are assembled into one container and unpacked and delivered separately at the same destination container freight station or inland freight station.

The Advantages About LCL Cargo:

1.can meet the needs of small batch customers, so for small batch purchase customers, this way is a good choice.

2. easy to operate. With the arrival receipt, the LCL goods can be arranged into the warehouse, and then the customs declaration information can be prepared.

3. Domestic expenses are relatively low.

LCL disadvantages:

1. Shipping company cannot be designated for shipping LCL.

The shipping company only accepts the booking of the whole container cargo, and does not accept the booking of the LCL bulk cargo, so the forwarder needs to book the shipping company after the LCL cargo is collected.

2. LCL shipment schedule is unstable. Some ports may have two or three ships a week, but others only have one ship a week.

3, LCL goods need to be shipped to the LCL company warehouse for internal loading.

LCL Cargo

FCL goods can be loaded and delivered directly by the factory, while LCL goods are pulled to the port supervision warehouse and let the LCL company arrange loading.

4, high requirements for goods specifications and packaging. It’s all in the receipt. Products with special specifications should be confirmed in advance. For goods whose outer packing is damaged or deformed, a letter of guarantee shall be issued.

5. In the case of insufficient cargo volume and high cost on some routes or ports, LCL companies will set a minimum charge standard, for example, the minimum standard is 2 cubic tons, and less than 2 cubic tons will be charged according to 2 cubic tons.

6, the destination port charges more items. When we make a LCL inquiry, we need to confirm it with the freight forwarder, so that the freight forwarder can provide the destination port charge standard, so that we have a clear idea, so that if the destination port agent has arbitrary charges, we can complain.

LCL Cargo plays an important role in facilitating international trade and driving economic development. By providing economical, efficient and flexible transportation services, LCL Freight helps businesses and individual customers expand markets, reduce costs and improve competitiveness. At the same time, it has promoted the prosperity and development of global trade and provided strong support for economic growth and cooperation among countries.

To sum up, LCL Cargo has profound significance and value in the logistics industry. I hope this service can help more and more traders.