How to choose the best trimmer line for your garden with the right replacement


15 5 月, 2024

The best thing about the trimmer line is that it can be used over and over again until it breaks down into smaller pieces. Proper maintenance and technique will ensure that your trimmer lasts longer and works better. This article will help you keep your best trimmer line working properly. It’s worth taking a little time to learn how to use and maintain your trimmer line correctly.

Know your trimmer line type

The type of trimmer line you use has a huge impact on how effective your trimmer is. If you’re not sure what line you should use, just check out the list below.

  • Square – This is an all-purpose trimmer line and is best used for general trimming jobs. Square lines are also good for trimming thick grass and weeds because square-shaped lines have more cutting surface area than other shapes.
  • Round – This type of trimmer line is good for edging, as it gives a cleaner cut than other types of lines. Round lines also last longer because they’re made with thinner material which reduces wear on the engine.
  • Twisted – Twisted lines are great for cutting through very thick grass or weeds since their shape makes them less likely to get caught in branches or other obstacles while being pulled through dense areas like these.

Prepare the trimmer line head

Preparing the best trimmer line head is easy. Step 1: Take off the spool cap, or if your trimmer head is a bump feed type, press down on it then turn it counter-clockwise (we’ll get to this later). Step 2: Place your new spool of line into the slot in the center of the trimmer head. Step 3: Thread your line through one of the holes at either end of the spool and wrap the line around both of them so it is secure. Step 4: Put your spool cap back on and you are ready to go!
If you have a bump feed type of trimmer head, you’ll need to put more string in it before you start trimming. To do this, hold down on the bump knob and turn it counter-clockwise until you feel resistance. Then let go of the knob and pull out about six inches of string from underneath it; this should be enough for several minutes’ worth of trimming.
You’re all set!

Spooling directions matter of Trimmer line

Trimmer users have to be acquainted with the spooling direction of the trimmer line. If you have purchased a new trimmer, it is advisable to check the instructions before using it.
Depending on how the best trimmer line is spooled in the trimmer, the cutting action will vary. Two types of spooling directions are available; one is clockwise and another one is anti-clockwise. Trimmers with anti-clockwise spooling usually have a curved shaft.
If you intend to apply clockwise trimming, then you need to use a clockwise spooling process. Try not to alter the direction of your trimming work in between if at all possible. The same applies to anti-clockwise trimming work too.

Replace the spool cap-Trimmer line

Most trimmer line spool caps are made of plastic and can be found in the middle of the spool. The cap’s modest size and holed cap style distinguish it.
You will need to remove the spool cap before installing a new trimmer line. To remove the cap, simply pull it off using your hands. If you have difficulty doing so, use a flathead screwdriver to pop it off.
Once the cap has been removed, you may notice that there’s a washer that was underneath the spool cap. Carefully take out this washer and set it aside for later.

Choose The right length of the trimmer line

The length of the best trimmer line is very important. It will be hard to cut the grass if it is too short. If the trimmer line is too long, there will be problems with the shaft and the cutting head. So, what is the right length?
The length of the trimmer line for a gas-powered trimmer should be about 1/4 inch longer than the diameter of the cutting head. You can determine this by measuring the diameter and adding 1/4 inch to that measurement.
Electric trimmers do not have as many maintenance issues as gas-powered trimmers, so you can use a long line if you want to get it done faster.